Eco Running Costs

Running costs are a big consideration when choosing the right Hot Tub.

The table below demonstrates how the Cotswold Eco Hot Tub initial purchase price and its running cost is much more affordable than other competitor options.

Electric Hot Tubs, due to the long heat up times, must be left on in-between use.

The reported cost of running the electric Hot Tub, once up to temperature, is up to £10.00 per day.

In contrast, the Cotswold Eco Wood Fired Hot Tubs require no electricity until you make the decision to put the LED lights and bubbles on!

Made of the highest quality materials and built to last with its robust design of wood and fibreglass. A great investment, providing many years of reliable service.

Cotswold Eco Tub Burford Market Leading ElectricTub
Person Capacity 5 to 6 4 to 5
Purchase Price Row 2, Cont £3,599 inc. all accessories £8,999 basic
Easy to Clean Yes No due to complex shaped interior
Annual Servicing Cost £0 £400.00 + travel time
Heat Up Time* 1.5 – 2 hours 28 hours
Cost to Heat Up* £0 - £4.00 ** £6.50 average
Eco Credentials yes No
Electrician Required No yes
Power Requirement Amp 13 16 or 32
Water Capacity 850-900 1400
Number of Wet Pumps 0 3
Number of Dry Pumps 1 0
Bespoke Colour Options Yes No
Expected Lifespan 8+ years 5 years
Residual value after 5 years £700 - £1000 £500 - £700
Specialist Equipment e.g. Crane Required No Often
Residual value after 5 years £700 - £1000 £500 - £700

*Based on 8 degrees outside temperature and 5 degrees starting water temperature
**Based on a scale between free storm-fell wood or premium bought wood