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The environmentally-friendly option

The seemingly ever-increasing cost of heating a home alongside the awareness of the environmental impact that we are having on the planet has seen an increase in the installation of more environmentally-friendly methods of house heating.

The most efficient, most cost-effective and least environmentally damaging by some way is the wood burning stoves.

Wood is an abundant naturally-replenishing resource that is carbon neutral. This means that the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by burning a log is the same amount as that given off were you to leave the tree to rot where it fell.

We must now take into account the fact that the carbon footprint of the wood being delivered by a local timber merchant is miniscule when compared to that of coal, oil and gas which are extracted thousands of miles away, transferred on a variety of modes of transport and passed through the hands of numerous people before they arrive at your home!

Also as the costs of running your home continue to rise, the cost of wood at approximately 40% cheaper than oil is a rather appealing option.

Additionally, modern-day technological advancements allow the average wood burning stoves to operate at over 80% efficiency. This means that of the heat created by a wood burning stove, 80% radiates out into the room with only 20% being wasted up the chimney. When you compare this to a standard open fire, that has an efficiency of 15% (meaning that 85% of its heat goes out the chimney) the benefit of a wood burning stove for both the environment and your home are obvious.

Heat your home with a woodburning stove

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